The Sunflex SF25 frameless glass slide, turn and stacking system offers clear, unobstructed panoramic views through outside enclosures.

The flawless frameless glass stacking doors system’s timeless design makes it suitable for outside enclosures such as balconies, terraces, patios, restaurant areas and stadium suites. Alternatively, this elegantly unique Sunflex system can be used to create a flexible, contemporary and usable open space internally in the form of room dividers for both living and working environments.

Versatility in Design

The first opening panel of our Sunflex stacking doors system acts as a single access point, each individual panel then slides independently back across the same side. This allows you to have as much or as little of the glass wall open at any one time. The system can open to the inside or outside and stack to the left or right or split to stack both sides. The single in-line running track caters for a wide range of applications. This allows the glass panels to slide 90 degrees to any angle up until 180 degrees, including segmented curved radius openings.