Frameless Glass Balustrade – Total simplicity that allows for beautiful views in perfect clarity

The simply beautiful frameless glass balustrade can be used as a means to fence the pool, enclose your patio or balcony or to stylishly flourish your staircase. Each balustrade is customised to fit any shape, slope or curve allowing for beautiful views in perfect clarity.

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Versatility in Design

Our customised balustrade glass is not bound by any specific style trends. Each piece of glass is custom made to suit any shape, slope or curve offering a completely unobstructed view. Thus any style of architecture can be accommodated. The glass used appears timeless and soft on the eye with a strength that offers a comforting security.


surface-mounted balustrade

Surface mounted into the floor

recessed-mounted balustrade

Recessed mounted into tiles

side-mounted balustrade

Side mounted to the wall