frequently asked questions

What colour frames are available?

We can provide profiles in the full Interpon Powder Coating Range. However, our standard colours include White, Grey, Black, Brown, Charcoal and Natural.

Is the glass tinted?

No, we use clear toughened safety glass that is provided in either a 8 mm or 10 mm width. Although, we are also to provide the same glass in Bronze Tinted, Cool Grey or Low E – all of which will be at an extra charge. However, we do not recommend Low E glass as this type of glass is not intended for use in single glazed applications and carries a limited guarantee.

We can also provide you with the cost effective option of a tinted film.

What are the guarantees offered on our Sunflex Glass Doors System?

Our Sunflex Frameless Glass Doors Systems come with a 2 year guarantee.

Can our Sunflex Frameless Glass Doors System open inwards or outwards?

Yes, all of our systems are customised to open inwards or outwards, left or right.

How safe are the glass panels?

All Sunflex Systems have a Structural Certification and only utilise toughened safety glass which is 5x stronger when compared to plate glass. Thus this glass will not splinter in the unlikely event of breakage.

How wide can the panels be?

Our panels range between 600 mm – 900 mm on our Sunflex SF25 System and between 800 mm – 1200 mm on our Sunflex SF20 System, depending on the height.

What handle and locking system are available to choose from?

Every home is unique and thus we offer a numerous variety of handle and locking mechanisms in order to best suit area usage and personal preferences.

Where can I install a Sunflex Frameless Glass System?

Popular applications of our Sunflex Systems include:

  • Primary Barriers
  • Balcony and Facade Glazing
  • Patio Enclosures and Sun Rooms
  • Store Entrances 
  • Room Dividers
  • Office Partitions 


In what sizes do you provide your systems?

There are no standard sizes for our Sunflex Frameless Glass Systems. All systems are customised according to your preference and the opening of the area in which the system will be installed. However, there are certain height restrictions.