frameless glass sliding doors

The Sunflex SF20 frameless glass sliding doors sysetm stylishly displays uninterrupted clear views with a reduction in noise.

Our elegant Sunflex SF20 Doors allows large glass panels to slide alongside one another, creating a beautiful effect inside your home. This flawless system is uniquely designed for use as an internal room divider, office partitions and stand-alone external structures such as patio and balcony enclosures.

Versatility in Design

The frameless glass panels slide horizontally to one or two sides. On opening and closing the first sliding panel and other sliding panels are automatically opened and closed. Complete versatility is achieved with two, three, four or five track slide and guide rail.




  • Floor-mounted frameless glass sliding doors system
  • Option to slide to the left or to the right 


  • Glazing with toughened safety glass
  • Panel structure of either 8 mm or 10 mm


  • Powder coating as per RAL Classic System 
  • Eloxal as per EURAS (European Academy for Standardization)


  • 15 mm panel construction depth
  • All-glass sliding system 


  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 track slides and guide rail
  • Follower function for sliding panels which means that the system is easy to utilise
  • Floor rail with an anti-slip coating that can be integrated into the floor to provide an unobstructed living space 
  • Internal or external locking of the sliding panels using a lock (optional)
  • Unpressurised drainage and easy cleaning due to optimum length of rails