Discover our diverse range of frameless glass products, ideally suited for outside enclosures including: balcony ad patio enclosures, pool enclosures, office partitions and room dividers. Sunflex, our world-renown brand,  are German engineered frameless glass systems are manufactured in South Africa to the highest quality standards. Elegant and simple to use, these flawless systems will enhance the attractiveness of any space, giving your interiors a fresh, new look and feel. With competent international support, readily available components and superior hardware one CANNOT deny that Sunflex is the only memorable name to appear in frameless glass products.



SUNFLEX SF25 frameless slide and turn systems can be opened over the entire front of your chosen area. You can then neatly stack these doors to the side of your choice, creating a hassle-free passage from the inside to the outside.



SUNFLEX SF20 frameless slide systems allow large glass panels to slide alongside one another. This creates a beautiful effect inside your homes. Our SF20 system is best utilised as room dividers, office partitions, balcony or patio enclosures.



The simply beautiful frameless glass balustrade is customised to be stylishly used as a fence for the pool, flourish your staircase or enclose your patio or balcony. The ideal solution that allows for beautiful views in perfect clarity. 




A great quality, locally produced beautiful aluminium shutter that provides fantastic light and privacy control characteristics as well as serving as an excellent security barrier. A great choice for external openings and damp/humid environments as well as those that require some extra security.

  • Seamless intergration into new or exisiting buildings and structures
  • Multiple layout and material options available
  • Elegnant and simple structures that are easy to use
  • Highest quality materials, fittings and fixtures ensuring longevity